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Tools For Life Mission Statement

      It is Tools For Life’s intention to restore one’s own alignment, balance, health and well-being. To connect ones inner wisdom and rediscover their own natural health and healing powers. By cultivating all the interconnected levels of energy:   Physical body, Mind body, Soul body, and Spirit body. Our intention is to  align, balance, and heal, releasing unhealthy deposits,  debris and contaminants.


   It is within each of us exists an absolute and infinite source of healing, which can be accessed and harnessed. We facilitate and cultivate each individual in their own  healing, alignment, and balance through out Mind-Body-Soul & Spirit connection,

   We know that healing is more than just a matter of brain chemistry and much more than talking about problems. Brain chemistry and talk therapy at times, can play important elements of healing. However, much more importantly is connecting alignment and healing throughout all of  Mind body, Soul body, and Spirit body, 

About Us

Who Is Shimane Devlin . . .

 Shimane Devlin is one of those unique and rare people who can’t help but leave you empowered and  transformed. Shimane has her own TV show called “Make Your Day A 10” which airs weekly. You can catch Shimane’s life changing show on channel 20 and 115 on public access TV every Monday  at 1pm. She is also a published author with a book entitled “K. A. R. M. A. : Keeping Animal Rights Movement Alive”. The book endeavors to teach children how to respect animals through its rich and lyrical verses. While the book is aimed at children, its poignant message also appeals to adults. Shimane Devlin has a license and degree to practice psychiatry and is also an energy master practitioner, EFT master, hypnotist, PLR (Past Life Regression) hypnotist, and a clairvoyant.


  Shimane Devlin graduated from Stony Brook University in 2006 with an NP license in psychiatry. Shimane’s practice is called Tools For Life (Holistic Psychiatry) and her approach to psychiatry is far from what one would deem conventional. Shimane Devlin describes her unique approach to psychiatry as one that is based on seeing the whole person. The cornerstone of Shimane’s practice is the importance of taking into account the mind, body, energy, soul, and spirit of the person as well as the unconscious emotional energy blocks, unconscious patterns and their roots of conception. Once these have been recognized or uncovered, Shimane then assists the client in releasing, healing and aligning in order to achieve healing, optimal health, well-being and happiness. 


  Shimane Devlin is happily married and has four children. Her two eldest sons, Anthony Leone and Andrew Leone, are professional MMA athletes. Both sons have seen great success in the sport, and have both been contenders for World Titles. Her third son Brandon, is severely autistic and profoundly retarded. Shimane’s last child is her daughter Olivia, who is a sophomore in college.  

  Shimane Devlin does not hail from a traditional background as one might think. At the tender age of sixteen, Shimane fell pregnant. She found out in September of her senior year and was urged by her parents to marry four months later. Shimane recalls what it was like to be a stubborn teenager. “I truly believed that I knew what I was doing.. I thought that everybody else didn't know what they were talking about. I was sixteen and I knew everything”. Shimane is able to relate to teenagers and parents with a strong understanding of family dynamics. She owes this insight and reliability to her own experiences at that age. 


  By the time Shimane was nineteen years old, she and her husband separate and later divorced.  As a single parent working fulltime and going to night-time college classes, at the age 24, Shimane graduated Suffolk Community College’s RN program. Following the next year Shimane also remarried.


  On April 13, 1995, Shimane Devlin had her third son, Brandon. Brandon was severely autistic, profoundly retarded and nonverbal. Brandon was also a self injuries', seizure disorder, pica, and required multiple eye surgeries. Brandon required one-on-one attention at all times. Two and a half years later in February of 1998, Shimane had her daughter Olivia. Shimane states that the moment Olivia was born, she have called her “my angel from heaven” and that she was born because “God knew I needed to smile again”.


  At the age of four and a half, Brandon’s self-destructive behaviors started to escalate. Brandon had to sleep in a custom-made, enclosed bed for his own safety.  He had special cloths that were made for him and required constant attention. Brandon’s behavior continued to escalate and included smearing feces, head butting, biting, and targeting his now almost two-year-old sister. Within a month of Brandon’s fifth birthday, his mother had to make one of the hardest and most painful decisions in her life. She decided that it was best if Brandon stayed in a residential placement for his own safety and the welfare of her other three children. That fall, Shimane decided further her studies. The next year, she was served with divorce papers and would be going through her second divorce. 


  Being a single mother with three children while working full time as a critical care RN, and attending college as well as driving  5 1/2 hours every four weeks to visit her son Brandon, was Shimane’s routine. She continued college year after year, without stopping receiving her BSN, Masters degree and NPP MSN (license to practice psychiatry).


  Shimane offers some personal beliefs of hers that have led her to where she is now. 

  1. “The past is not who you are, it's what you do with it that is.”
  2. “When you change your thoughts, you change your life.”
  3. “It's always up you, how you choose to go through life. You can either see roadblocks or choose to see obstacles and maneuver your way around them.


Specializing In: Children, Adolescents, Adults & Families