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Tools For Life 

 Past Life Regression

The purpose of PLR (past life regression) is to gain a fuller understanding of current life and the challenges you may be facing. Maybe you feel like you are repeating patterns or are not achieving something or feel you are to accomplish more? Or maybe you are suffering a fear or torment and simply do not know why.


 Past life regression hypnosis helps you find the answers you have been searching for by identifying the event from a past life that started it all. Past life regression hypnosis can give you the answers you may be seeking and help you live your highest potential and purposeful, fulfilling life.


As a certified PLR hypnotist, I am able to integrate the experiences from your past lives, giving you insight and answers into your current life situations. As well as connect &/or remove  blocks, phobias, somatic pain that are now limiting you living your most joyful, fillfulled life now.


I am also able to identify connections between prior past life events with your current life you are experiencing now. Allowing the integration process to flow easily and for the PLR client to have new found understanding, insight & correlation awareness with his present life now.


Past Life Regression Hypnosis is Safe, Relaxing, Insightful and it Works!


We even offer  2 options of either

Audio recording of your PLR,

 or Video DVD of your PLR 

TFL Offeres are at a small additional fee.

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 Each person to be an active co-creator in orchestrating

 his or her own treatment plan and path to wellness