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Shimane Devlin P.N.P

Welcome To Tools For Life, Holistic Psychiatry

  What is holistic psychiatry? Tools For Life, is uniquely different from all others. TFL (Tools For Life) recognizes that life is NOT text book. We recognize that each person is an individual. An individual, whose circumstances and life experiences is unlike anyone else.

Therefore, TFL utilizes many modalities to customize each approach that is tailored to each persons individual circumstances and needs. Holistic Psychiatry is a form of healing that considers the whole person  Mind, Body, Soul and Energy, in obtaining  optimal health, alignment, balance, happiness and fulfilled life.

Unfortunately traditional psychiatry continues to practice on a belief that depression, anxiety, PTST, OCD, ADHD, addictions, etc are all “Mental Illness". A belief that is looked at as a permanent fixture. Based on that continued belief and practice, psychiatry as a whole, continues to treat with solely medications. Which is not healing. Actually more times than not this practice leads to other symptoms, medications and health conditions.

   Medication is only a temporary bypass,. What is a bypass? A bypass is exactly what it reads, bypassing the real root cause, a temporary bypass. Therefore never being healed or eliminated. Medications are not a cure, they are only either numbing or suppressant of the underlying issue temporarily. As well as having multitude of side effects, and/or addictive qualities. Research also shows that antidepressants that have been effective in ones treatment, will subside within 18-24 months. Bringing the underling issue to arise again, in greater force.

TFL we believe the key to healing is not masking or suppression, is to get to the underlying root of what or where the issue began and lies hidden. Medication at times can get you to where your going faster depending, but that is not the underling root.

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     Tools For Life, we consider the whole person "Mind, Body, Spirit and your life force energy". When these  parts of you are incongruent, you can feel out of balance, your life can feel chaotic, and you can find it difficult to be happy, concentrate, feel healthy or move forward and manifest your dreams. It is time to take back your power and Live The Life You Are Meant To Live Now!